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This is my song page!!

    I have divided my songs into two groups. Each song is on it's own page, with the lyrics and an 'about the song' section. Some of the latter sections show the scriptural basis for the message. A few have a Real Audio file to listen to. A few songs seemed to fit both categories so I had to just choose one to place it in!

    Songs of Encouragement are songs that encourage the beleiver, exposing the devil's lies thereby strengthening their faith in God. "No condemnation for those who are in Christ".

    Songs to encourage intimacy with God are songs that affirm God's love, forgiveness and divine acceptance to fill the believers heart with so much joy that they can't help but want to lift him up and adore Him.

Songs of Encouragement:

Why Don't I Let You Love Me
Download the Real Audio.
Prince Jesus
Download the Real Audio of this soft love song to the Lord.
Sleeping In The Storm
Download this bluesy Real Audio!
Jesus Knows
Lyrics only...for now.
Fall Into the Arms of Jesus
Lyrics only...for now.
Look At Jesus
Lyrics only...for now.
A bit bluesy. Lyrics only...for now.
A Glimpse of You
Download the Real Audio.

Songs to Encourage Intimacy with God:

Oh My God
Download the Real Audio or click on the streaming link!
I Say Yes
Quick and bouncy. Lyrics only...for now.
My Only Hope
Slow (to me) love song to the Lord. Lyrics only...for now.
King Of My Heart
My attempt at a poetic song. Lyrics only...for now.
His Love is the Way
Download this bluesy Real Audio!
He Is the Morning Light
Download the Real Audio!
Deeep In My Soul
Download the Real Audio!

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