How To Add CCNet to mIRC

If you don't have mIRC yet, you can click on the mIRC link found on this page, and download the program from there. If you find that the CCNet server is not on your list of servers, you can add it. (If you see, that is the same as CCnet)

To add the CCNet server, open mirc, click 'file', then click 'setup', then click 'add'. A box will pop up.

Add this info into that popup box:

Description: CCNet
IRC server:
port: 6667

To add a second CCNet server, follow the above instructions, but this time enter this info:

Description: CCNet2
IRC server:
port: 6667

Then click 'add'. Then look at the setup box and you'll see a drop down menu that has a list of servers...find either CCNet or CCNet2 (or and highlight and click on the 'connect to server' button. Once you are connected join the channel #christian-songwriters (no spaces...must include the # sign and the dash)

If you find you can't connect on one CCNet server, try the other. Sometimes you have to try a few times before it will connect.

Hope to see you there!

Ways to chat on #christian-songwriters

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The Christian Chat Network homepage
Try #christian-songwriters on their java chat!

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