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Marcella Ward

“Stolen Identity: Plan of the Evil One,” by Marcella Ward is admirably clear

in both its goal and its structure. Its title is a welcome emphasis for

Christians to take a stand and live in the image and likeness of their Creator.

By spreading the Gospel message of Salvation, everyone can become

prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus.

The author did a great job in engaging in an analysis of the current state of

the church where it has become the church of political correctness instead of

remaining as the Church of Jesus Christ. Everyone must do their part by

becoming the co-workers of Christ as we journey in the final harvest before

His Return.

“Stolen Identity: Plan of the Evil One” is a useful way of connecting the life

of the mind with the faith of the Church. Every choice comes with a price--

which comes later as the dispute remains because of how Satan influenced

the people to become like him and not remain like the human that God

expects us to be. This is a book to be strongly recommended as the author’s

passion and intellect are reflected in it, though some parts are thought-

provoking--it’s a recipe every reader would love. “--- The Parchment Review