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Marcella Ward is a retired educator. She

and her husband, Marty, have been

involved in many Christian ministries

throughout their married lives. They

write and produce Christian music. In

their Healing Hearts Ministry, they seek

to glorify God by helping people to

encounter God’s love and mercy and

healing power.

Marcella believes that this book was

birthed by Divine inspiration and it will

take you on a journey to discover that

you are a reflection of God’s image and

likeness. He has a perfect plan for your

life because of who you are in Him and

He has given many gifts and tools to

equip you as a child of God to manifest

His glory throughout the earth.

Book Description: Satan has been trying

to steal something very valuable to God

and us since the Garden of Eden. He has

been working overtime to accomplish this

goal. What has he been trying to steal?--

--our identity, as a child of God, made in

His image. This book will challenge you

to be among those who will stand for

who you are in Christ not letting the

media, politicians, liberal culture and

political correctness ideology dictate or

change who you are and meant to be as a

reflection of God’s image.

You will be guided on a journey where

the identity of people of faith in the Bible

as well as modern day men and women

have stood up for their God-given identity

such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother

Teresa of Calcutta and many others.

Their identity guided their lives and

changed the world. You can change the

world as you encounter the tools you

need to be who God created you to be.

Let’s not live in an “identity crisis” world

without showing the world the identity

Christ is living in us!

“Stolen Identity: Plan of the Evil One,”

received a Gold Seal of Excellence Book

Review from The Parchment Review


Book Trailer for Stolen Identity: Plan of

the Evil One.

Marcella Ward